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Below is my reaction post for LOM USA- written as I viewed it, often pausing at regular intevals to add my own thoughts and express my own reactions to certain elements and sections. As I said, these are my own views, and I do not wish to sway anyone in any direction for their own views. Really, there are no spoilers, unless you haven't seen the brit version. This is for the first ep, if you're somehow confused. Oh, and sorry for spelling and grammar errors- it's late and my cat is headbutting/sitting on the keyboard.

I'm in the process of watching the USA remake of Life on Mars. So far, I have three words for you. Cliche, Copied and WHAT?
It looks like CSI or somthing, with all the cliches you can point a gagging finger at. Not Maya, is a puffy-lipped life-sized Angelina Jolie doll. Not Sam, is a bad copy of Sam. The incidental and background music is THE SAME as the real version. There was no emotional build-up or tension or ANYTHING between Not Maya and Not Sam. I swear, when Not Sam got hit by the car, all I could think of was "Well... that was undramatic." And his car is a red convertable in 1972. Whoopee. The shots, the angles, even the way the actors moved at times were the same as the real version- just in a crap photocopy way; I swear they ripped whole music sequences from the real version. 1972 looks so bland- there is no mystery or dramatic change. It looks dusty. I LAUGHED when the title popped up-- 14 mins in! I was like "Long intro much."

And I haven't even gotten to 15 mins in yet.

I'm at 19mins in. Not Gene is a shot uncharasmatic slob and that fat dude (Not Ray!Chris) is lame. WHERE ARE THE HOT BOYS?!!!!! -sob- How do they expect me to watch this with no eye-candy? HUH?! HUH?!

25min. IF they are going to show a topless Not Sam-- show him in good light! :{ And as if Not Maya would call out "Where are you?" duh-- he's either in front of her or it's clearly a hallutionation. There is no mystery between real and not real.

26min. Wow. A pencil being sharpened. STAB THE NOT RAY!CHRIS IN THE EYEEEEE WITH THE POINTY PENCIL!!! Oh, and she's a huge pain in the ASS?! Please... I can't stand it... NO not GENE SAYS THAT! IT'S ARSE!!!! Everything is shot in such darkness, I can't see things too well. *squints*

28min. The pencil sharpener. Wow. I'm amazed. He's in a mental delirium, and he sharpens the pencil? I'm seriously gagging.

30mins. Still no pretty boys. And Not-Annie also has puffy fish-lips. What is with it?! How can she be taken seriously in a male-dominated profession? She is NOT proving herself worthy of being a cop. Who did she sleep with to get that sort of posistion, seriously? Annie looked like the sort of person who worked hard to be in the position she was in; she was tough. This chick just keeps suggesting for Not Sam to go the the hospital; nothing else.

31mins. I'm getting dizzy. Great lines, eh? -cough- Oh and Not Annie is nearly crying over a RE-ENACTMENT. Friggin hell- she has no bones of steel.

32mins. I don't think the viewer has any real emotional link to Not Sam. I don't. No pain, no sympathy- nothing. Oh and *yawn* The lines are spoken with no... oomph. *squints* Maybe they used poor lighting and filters to cover up the poor acting. All I can see is her red puffy lips in the darkness.

34mins. Who would'a guessed it? I can see clearer when it's meant to be nighttime! 
There is no suspense. No spine-tingling- just detatchment and boredom and cliches. Whoopee.

37mins. "this is what is under the finger nails." DUN. 
The music is so uninspired.

38mins. I swear Not-Annie is Not-Sam's shadow. Or dog. Following him around with those puffy lips. =O

40mins. Where is everyone? It's so dark! -flails-
"Y'know, I cant recall the last time I took such an immediate dislike to a person." Amen to that. I think the grandma's actually onto something there.

42mins. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TURN ON A LIGHT?! -30secs later- Thank you. -10secs later- I thought you turned on a light. I STILL CAN'T SEE!

44mins. "That's him" NO DUH! The audience isn't stupid! With such a long intro into that line, that's all I can say. You PHAIL at enigma, Not Sam.

46-7mins. You phail at enimga too, Not-Neil. 
Is it just me, or does the music sound a lot like the opening music for the first ep. for Ashes to Ashes?

48mins. *snigger* I can see the cables on their backs. 

Overall, there is just too much detatchment between the veiwer and the actors. The characters are 2D and flat, both in 1972 and 2007. I think what made the real version so much more, was the fact that they had that definition; 2006 was full of people, detatched, but believable people. Then you pop into 1973, and everything is in vivid, lively sepia and brown tones; and the people, boy, the people are so 3D and full of life that you as the audience, begin to question yourself-- is this real? Sadly, this version hold none of this, and at the end you can get off the couch or chair, or whatever you were sitting on, and leave; forget about it. There is nothing that makes this special; again, with the characters, they don't prove themselves to be smart, funny, emotional, or be themselves, for anything. I won't be seeing any more of this.


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(Deleted comment)
Jun. 24th, 2008 07:55 am (UTC)
Re: Eh
xD The lighting was bad. It won't ruin your outlook of Sam, I don't think, but only make him seem that much awesomer. But... I wouldn't recommend seeing the USA if you have a choice.
Aw! You should see the rest- there was only two series, and the last episode was a 'killer' (in my view, at least). I think.. *whispers* you can find the rest of the eps you havent seen on like, piratebay or some other bit torrent host.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 25th, 2008 08:31 am (UTC)
Re: Eh
Mmm, same here. Even sequals are rarely as good as the first. *shrug*
Feb. 28th, 2009 02:24 pm (UTC)
That crap you saw wasn't the show
This Life on Mars that you saw sounds like the unaired (still set in Los Angeles) pilot, not the 1st episode set in New York.
There was a lot of re tooling (i.e. they got some actual writers) between one and the other.

Gretchen Mol is Annie Norris in the one on t.v. not whoever that red head was, and in episode 11 she's tough enough to face down Ray.
Jan. 9th, 2010 04:36 am (UTC)
Re: That crap you saw wasn't the show
Ah, terribly sorry, but I haven't been online for a longgg time.

This was indeed the review for the pilot, 'unofficial' USALOM.
I have seen some of the version you have talked about, (but only for long enough to make me want to bash my head into wall)
My view is that it is still too similar, but not up to par, with the original. A lot of people like the USA version. A lot of thoe people haven't seen the original. I can only suggest that you watch the original, if only to be able to 'know the enemy', so to speak.

The new Annie didn't seem too bad, I must admit, although the notSam still makes me twitch. I am glad the writers gave her some balls. Although, in the Original, Annie was able to stand up to Ray AND slap him back on the arse, thereby humiliating him infront of his collegues.

But meh, you can choose the version of your liking I suppose. Don't let a sour kid like me try to squish your Sam.
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