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The Doctor's Daughter?

Drink up me hearties yo ho!

I... think I might put myself in the freezer and get my budgie to wake me up in a week's time ready for the episode; I can't wait! 

Okay, I few of you might know of my obsession with the TARDIS. If you don't want to have a spoiler for my Mystery Tour of 1973 fic, then don't read on. It's a whopper spoiler, which I was hoping I'd get to writing that chapter before RTD beat me to it and a family member popped up (I must be pshycic).

The TARDIS is the Doctor's wife.
Hokay... before we call the men in the white coats, hear me out. I have a long and winded explanation, but basically, this is it. It's based on the question: "Who is the heart of the TARDIS? It's a living thing. It has a heart. The Doctor possesses that heart. Who is the TARDIS?"
Well that's my theory, anyway; because I feel the need for the Doctor to once have stolen a heart. What if the heart belonged to someone once? I mean... he had kids, right (where else can he get a granddaughter from, and it was referred to in Fear Her)? So... who's the mother? WHO DOES HE LOVE THE MOSTTTTT??!!! TARDIS! -spazz- Also, it seems sweet to think that the doctor and his TARDIS/lover are intertwined forever, caring for each other... and I always thought the Doctor would be afraid of 'cheating' on his wife, and when Rose looked into the TARDIS's heart, the doctor might've felt the TARDIS accepted Rose as a bit more than a companion. If that made any sense. I'm not a Rose/Doctor shipper, but it was sweet to know that he can fall into something other than danger

I've even got evidence to support!
1) He strokes the TARDIS
2) Becomes emotional when separated from it (you know he does)
3) She (TARDIS) got indigestion in the Runaway Bride
4) Only after Rose absorbed the heart of the TARDIS did the Doctor kiss her (it was the closest he could get to her, okay?!)
5) The Doctor does call TARDIS "she", although it can be argued that it is because she is a space ship, and ships are given the female prefix.
6) Why else does the Doctor have a fixation about Earth, unless the TARDIS's heart once belonged there?
7) The TARDIS took control and flew Donna, Martha and the Doctor to the next episode's location; which is where we get to meet their daughter. Duh.

Why wasn't his wife mentioned at all? In the early days, before An Unearthly Child, I think that the Master was jealous, wanting the TARDIS (every time I say TARDIS, I mean the Doctor's wife/lover, okay?) to be his lover. On realising that the two would not separate, he removed all the Doctor's memories of the true nature of the TARDIS, hoping that the TARDIS would then fall for him. The Doctor would still have memories of his offspring, just the memory of the TARDIS would be blurred out. He would have a hunch though, about his little blue box 'cause he's sexy like that. Anyway, back to the Master. Then, when the TARDIS wouldn't love him, he became increasingly angry, and wanted to take over the world (because he's like a two year old in a tantrum). Then, he spun some bollocks of a story for back home, and the Time Lords believed him, banishing the Doctor (bear in mind I don't actually know why he was on the run for a while from the Time Lords). Then, the Time Lords realised what bull the Master was spinning, and welcomed the Doctor back. This all happened from shortly before An Unearthly Child and onwards until whenever the time lords welcomed him back. 

*yawn* I'm tired. Sorry if that didn't make any sense. But I wanted to post this before someone else had the same idea and posted it (I want FAME, goddammit), and before the Doctor's Daughter aired... which is in a week (NOOO! TOO LONG!)

And as for the next ep, I am not entirely sure whether or not the daughter will be naturally the Doctor's. The flash to the severed hand suggests that it is a biological make-up. Plus, I have a theory (and again xD) that the reason why Rose is coming back is because of her once absorbing the TARDIS heart, and the TARDIS is pulling her back because she hates to see the Doctor all sad. 

Byebye, and goodnight. I had a nice long magger there... -zzzzz-